To Develop an Excellent Professional College for Teacher with Emphasis on Research and Learning


To prepare efficient teacher educators in conduct of research and and also adopt innovative practices



An Excellent Method for Presenting Information to a Large Number of Persons in a Short Period of time



Our Students are Serving the Nation in different disciplines Occupying Significant Positions as Officials and Teachers



Conference Hall with a seating capacity of 200 provides space for confidential sessions, committee meetings etc..


Field Visits

Field trips provide students with new opportunities for learning through experience.

Self Employment Groups and Economic Empowerment

Sericulture : Venugopalapuram

Steel Exchange India Ltd. Sreerampuram

Sainik School : Korukonda

Save Our Soul (SOS) Village: Bhimilli

Campus challenge : Konada

MRCE Objective's

To prepare quality teachers at the secondary level and also to prepare teacher educators for secondary level teacher education institutions

  • To provide value based professional teacher education for national reconstruction.
  • To develop into an excellent professional college for teachers with emphasis on research and learner centered pedagogy
  • To prepare self-disciplined, knowledgeable, skillful professionals.
  •  To use active methods and technology oriented teaching aids for better communication and comprehension.
  • To maintain rapport with the co-operating schools for quality practice teaching.
  • To engage students in activity methods, innovative projects, co-curricular activities and games and sports.
  • To prepare efficient teacher educators in conduct of research and and also adopt innovative practices.
  • To establish active academic and professional collaboration with higher education institutions in exchange of ideas, resources and to enrich the teaching learning process.
  • Faculty/Staff development and their welfare are important objectives. Encouragement and incentives are the main strategies.

Maharajah's Colleges are one of the oldest Colleges in India.It was established in 1879 by Sri Poosapati Vijayarama Gajapathi, Maharajah of Vizianagram.

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