Field Visits

Self Employment Groups and Economic Empowerment

  • Study of Self Help and Self Employment Groups and Economic Empowerment of ,Mahila Pranganam, V.T. Agraharam Vizianagaram

Campus Challenge : Konada

objectives :

  • To Interact with CWSN.
  • To Observe the Classroom Interaction for the CWSN.
  • To Identify the issues & challenges of CWSN.
Outcomes :

  • Nature and challenges of Differently abled children.
  • Learning Difficulties of CWSN
  • Remedial Measures and Teaching Learning Process for CWSN.
  • Habit formation methods for Trainable CWSN.
  • Curriculum & Teaching Methods for CWSN i.e. Visually impaired & Mentally Retarded.

Sericulture : Venugopalapuram


  • To demonstrate the life cycle of silk worm
  • To have practical exposition student teachers towards the mulberry  leaves

  • Application and economic importance of silk culture
  • This connects students to real world experience

Steel Exchange India Ltd. : Sreerampuram

Objectives :

  • To observe Basic components of Steel.
  • To Know the Process of Refining Iron ore.
  • To Know the generation of electricity from Furnace.

Outcomes :

  • Application of Theoretical knowledge in the field level.
  • Getting direct experience of Making Steel Production.
  • Knowledge of Generating Electricity from Process of Steel Production.

Sainik School : Korukonda


  • To Gain the knowledge about institutional practices .
  • To Know How the Curriculum Transaction is practiced.
  • To Know about the   Administrative and infrastructural amenities.

  • Acquired the direct experiences of Techno based instructional aids.
  • Equipped with the trends and practices in curriculum transaction.
  • Cope up with the administrative structure and Functioning bodies.

Maharajah's Colleges are one of the oldest Colleges in India.It was established in 1879 by Sri Poosapati Vijayarama Gajapathi, Maharajah of Vizianagram.

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